Mtan um veikara kyni

Konur fengu ekki a keppa maraonhlaupi lympuleikum fyrr en ri 1984. Leikarnir fru fram Los Angeles.

Fram a 1960 var lengsta hlaup sem konur fengu a taka tt lympyleikum 800 metrar. Lengi vel var tali a lengri hlaup vru skaleg fyrir konur og a lkami eirra vri ekki gerur fyrir langhlaup.

Sigurvegari fyrsta maraonhlaupi kvenna Los Angeles 1984 var BandarkjakonanJoan Benoit, hn var 27 ra gmul. Tmi hennnar var 02:24:52. S tmi hefi duga til a sigra 11 af 20 maraonhlaupum karla fyrri lympuleikum.

Saga Joan Benoit er ekki sur merkileg fyrir r sakir a hn meiddist illa a hn egar hn keppti 20 mlna hlaupi skmmu fyrir inntkumti fyrir leikana Los Angeles(United States Olympic Women's Marathon Trials). Hn gekkst undir ager hn me speglunartkni 17 dgum fyrir inntkumti. Bati hennar var skjtur og hn ni a sigra hlaupi. remur mnuum sar sigrai hn fyrsta maraonhlauop kvenna lympuleikum.

Barttan fyrir v a konur fengju a keppa langhlaupum lympuleikum og rum strmtum hafi stai lengi.Roberta Gibbvar frg egar hn faldi sig bak vi runna egar rst var Boston maraonhlaupi ri 1966. Hn hljp san af sta me llum krlunum og klrai hlaupi tmanum 03:21:25. Tminn fkkst reyndar ekki formlega viurkenndur.

Roberta Gibb lsir reynslu sinni svona:

"I took the bus back from San Diego, curled up in the seat for three nights and four days, eating only a bag of apples and bus station chili and arrived the day before the race at my parents house in Winchester. I ate a huge roast beef dinner and apple pie. The next day my mother drove me to the start in Hopkinton and dropped me off. I ran up and down a couple of miles to warm up, and then I hid in the bushes near the start.

When the gun went off I jumped into the pack. I had no idea what kind of reception Id get. I was afraid the police would arrest me and that the spectators might boo and hiss. I was afraid that if the officials saw I was a woman theyd throw me out. I was all alone. I knew the most important thing was to prevent anyone from stopping me, so I wore a blue sweatshirt with the hood pulled up and my brothers Bermuda shorts tied up with a string, over my black, tank-topped bathing suit.

Very quickly, the men behind me, studying my anatomy, figured out that I was a woman, and to my great relief, they were supportive and friendly. They could have shouldered me off the course, but instead they said, Its a free road. We wont let anyone throw you out. So contrary to what some people think, it was not a men-versus-women confrontation. The men were glad that I was running. With this encouragement, I took off the hot, heavy sweatshirt, and then everyone could see that I was a woman. A cheer went up from the crowd when they saw a woman was running."

r eru margar hetjurnar.

Grein af vef



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